Week 1/2019 – beginnings

This is the first, of many I hope, but it is the beginning of something irregardless of what follows. Slightly uncharacteristically to what I think will become the norm in following editions, the creative contents of this newsletter are some of my favourites from 2018.

Currently I’m working on a series of embroidered title plates to match the Archetypes series, which was largely written late in 2018. I’m rather having fun with the motifs, though I’m a little more apprehensive about the typography.

Find following: an article entitled “Forward Motion” about the nature of success and satisfaction; a lyrical microfiction piece called “Small Fears”; and finally a poetic fragment originally posted to twitter.

Cheers and good reading,


Forward Motion
It’s not about being ‘number one’; being ‘in the spotlight’; being ‘centre stage’. It’s about the best person for the job doing the job; it’s about supporting people to achieve what they can best achieve individually, within the support and cumulation of the group. It’s reflective, it’s additive, it’s about multiplying potential by combining resources, by giving our best to a group of people also giving their best. It’s about prioritising what’s possible, not what’s probable; what could happen not what’s comfortable. The potential we can evoke is limitless, given a group of people looking at a unifying horizon with the drive to push towards it.

Small Fears

There’s a little fear, nipping at my heels. It’s a small thing, all trembling with excitement and anticipation. It’s not a bad fear: it’s a companion, not a curse. It pushes me onward, and upward; turns me away from the past, nudges me towards the future. Not to say, that sometimes, it doesn’t get a little to big, starting to metamorphose into something scarier – stranger.

But right now, here amidst this storm of newness, I have a little fear, nipping at my heels. Reminding me that the only way out, is through.

We’re a patchwork people, held together by threads of scar tissue.