Week 5/2019 – visiting

This week has been a busy week, I’ve been out and about several days and I’ve released my first illustrated poems. Zine Suites, mini collections of illustrated poems, are now available here.

Making these three suites (Colour & Space; the Body and the Wild; and inverted Reality) was my first foray into digital art, as well as combining visual and textual elements. All in all I’m rather proud of how they’ve turned out, and I have plans for several more visual/textual works.

Find following: an observation about the nature of kindness; an untitled poem about the surreal; and a poetic fragment about knowing people.

Restful reading,


A Nature of Kindness

What does it mean to be kind? Kindness, when received, seems fairly easy to pin down. But kindness, acted, is far more difficult to define. To me, kindness is not about being nice, or being gentle. Kindness is about respect.

Respecting the autonomy of myself and others: we all have a right to make our own choices free from coercion and unsolicited advice alike. Sometimes kindness is not speaking. Respecting the competency of myself and others; we are all capable, and we all know our own limits. Sometimes kindness is not acting.

To me, kindness isn’t something ‘I’ do, it’s not something that I get to ‘feel good about’. Kindness is about living mindfully of the other people around me with a strong respect of the sanctity of their self-determination.

Pattering footsteps
Light like faint breezes
It rambles through the walls
The servants corridors

It floats in the dust-webs
Collects in the corners
And up under-eaves.

A teasing glimmer
To a keen and careful eye.

It flitters.

What is the difference between a stranger never met, and a stranger met a single time?