Week 7/2019 – returning

I am back to my usual geographical location of existence, with floods of new ideas. I got the chance to see the Escher x Nendo exhibit ‘Between Two Worlds’ at the National Gallery of Victoria, it was amazing, I was incredibly inspired. The best of the photographs of the space are slowly going up on my Instagram along with accompanying poems.

Find following: a micropoem about the craft of storytelling; another micropoem I wrote in the Escher x Nendo exhibit; and an observation about instant gratification.

Thoughtful reading,


Not to change, but clarify:
Take a scalpel to the chaff, reveal the wheat.

The truth is in what your words leave out.

Light and shadow. Exploration of space. Infinity. Layers that meet on parallel planes.

The Pressure of the ‘Instant’

It’s not just “I want it now – even though its 3am in the morning on a Sunday”. It’s not all about the instant gratification.

It’s “you have to decide now”, and once you have, you can’t go back on that word. Not five minutes from now, not five years from now. You have to draw your lines, and you can’t cross them, because if you do. Well, clearly, that destabilises your position on every future issue. You have to stick to your guns.

Don’t you know, everything is instant and everlasting.