Week 11/2019 – rediscovering

This week has been quite productive: I’ve settled into my class schedule, finished off a number of project sections. Attended a very interesting lecture by Prof. Marnie Hughes-Warrington about her recent book “History as Wonder” put on by the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at UQ. And gotten most of what needs to squared away for the end of the month. The next few weeks are going to get busier.

Find following: a poem about ‘wonder’ (as in the Aristotelian philosophy); a poetic fragment; and one of the hoops from geo jeans – an embroidery collection I’m currently working on.

Curious reading,


‘A transitional phenomena’
The passing state
Of changed understanding.

What is
— the limits we have imposed.

To re-stabilise the ‘wonder’
To flatten back into
A comfortable

Stories and stitches traverse warp and weft; headless from the heat, hands work heedless.