Week 13/2019 – finishing

This week has been a long one, mid semester exams, new collections finished – Geo Jeans and Fronts & Facades – and new collections readied for release – streams, Reveal and Between Three Worlds. I was also fortunate enough to be at Riverbend Books early in the week for the first Poetry series for this year. Melissa Lucashenko, Stuart Cooke, Lucinda Shaw and Ozi Jarel were a real treat to hear. I also got to test the low light capabilities of an iPhone 8 and confirmed my hypothesis that the answer is: none, none at all.

Find following: the exception that proved the rule of ‘no low-light photography with an iPhone 8’; a short poem I wrote at Riverbend; and a poetic fragment about perspective and interpretation.

Quiet reading,


Light Show

The underside of an cafe umbrella, lit with blue fairy lights.


A silver-white fall,
Aged and ageless,
Your resonance pulls at my bones

A fluid shift
Words become, and
Nonsense and no-sense.

Every virtue is a sin, in another skin.