Week 14/2019 – tiring

This week has been a long and exhausting one, physical and mental health issues have abounded. I did manage to get back to the South Brisbane arts precinct this weekend, which gave an interesting opportunity to see how shooting the same location multiple times goes. GOMA/SLQ and the boardwalk was the second shoot I did in Brisbane, and the best from that day are going up on my instagram at the moment.

Find following: “Climb” a poem about recovery, a poetic fragment about the creative process, and a photograph from my first arts precinct shoot.

Restful reading,



Dragging back from the brink
The slow winding spiral
Wingbeats slowed
Gravity incessant.

Push on.
Push up.
Push through.

Fight, claw, climb.
Refuse to fall
Keep moving forward,
Forged again in fire.

Build a place of emptiness –
Draw forth from the void and return to it.