Week 16/2019 – raining

This weekend has been beautifully rainy and wonderfully quiet. The rest and recovery is settling well, and I hope I’ll be back to a more comfortable speed soon.

Find following: a piece of surrealist poetry entitled ‘Play’; a poetic fragment; and a photograph of a lizard in the city.

Restful reading,



Pin. Stripe.
Prick and press.

Tumble. Dry.
Tumble down.
Tumbleweed wandering.

Stick. Shift.
Shift. Stick.
Stuck and staid.

Needle puncture.

Slick and sliding,
caught and held fast:

By disbelief
By gravity
By suction.

What awaits
past entrapment;

What secrets lie
trapped beneath these bodies

Held fast
in the forms
of tiny giants.

Is it terrestrial?
Or otherworldly.

Where are the boundaries
The definitions
The edges of known space

Is it terrestrial?
Or celestial.

Do we know it
It’s boundaries
Can we comprehend it

It is terrestrial.
Is it?

An aural thread, fingers faltering flicker, the stream sits staticky, interrupted.

Lizard Guard

A lizard standing on a stone bench in front the Brisbane river and the city skyline beyond.