Week 19/2019 – soothing

This week has been a quiet week, and I’ve been glad of it. I’ve made good progress on Hide – the last Zine Suite – and I’ve started on a new illustration project. The new sets are also going to be inspired by poetry (at least in part!) but they’re going to be a place to experiment with different styles, and very much more focused on the illustrative.

Find following: a skyward photograph; a untitled poem; and a poetic fragment.

Quiet reading,


Shot from a worms eye view, three buildings and a light pole fill the corners. The top right holds the top of a light pole; the lower right has a tan colour square building, the lower left has a pale grey square building with a beveled cutout, the top left has a circular building.
Upshot Intersection

A phantom walks through my field of vision
In the hollow of my skull above my eyes
A shadow in the dark.

Something rises in my throat and chokes me,
Blurs my eyes, tugging at my pupils
Until they try to swallow up the irises
The vase has never looked prettier.

Our aching bones, hold us back no more, than gossamer wisps, we persist.