Week 20/2019 – progressing

This week has been long and tiring, things happened including an election and a number of useful but tiring conversations. Hopefully the coming weeks will pass more easily. I also finished a second illustration experiment and finished drafting the designs for a new embroidery project.

Find following: a photograph called Painted Sky; a poetic ode to the non-linguistic; and a fragment about paths and patterns.

Restful reading,


For the things that have no words
That are not words

For a hum that doesn’t contort itself into recognisable syllables
That doesn’t force itself to hold to an eight-point scale
For subtler vibrations.

Painted Sky

A glass panelled tower reflects a cloudy blue sky above a busy road with a treed interval.

Woven strands. Weaving filaments, fine hairs of possibility, inklings finer still.