Week 24/2019 – completing

This week I did several things, which was rather refreshing after several weeks of slow and careful recovery. I’ve finished my semester one exams (with relative confidence). I also went to a curator tour of the BAD (Brisbane Art & Design Festival) Exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane which was amazing. And just like when I went to see EscherXnendo in February, the photographer in me was seduced by all the pretty shadows, so look forward to a photography collection soon. The exhibition is open until August, and there are tours run regularly, so if you’re in the area check it out.

Find following: a teaser photo from the BAD Exhibition, a poetic fragment, and an untitled space reflectional poem.

Happy reading,

Purple Curls

A hard line ridge of bone, under warm skin and wool,
One of a pair, the valley between the mountains.

Pulled under
To a riptide current of plodding bass,
Lulled into lassitude,
Dulled by platitudes.
Colour splashed liberally
Light soaked and stark,
Against the bare concrete ground.