Week 26/2019 – tweaking

This week has been an interesting one. I’m settling into the slower rhythm of winter break. But at the same time I pushed to finish off a project for July’s release and went to see two very interesting talks – one on creative inspiration and wonder, and the other on street action and poetry in Japan in the 70’s. So I’ve spent the week poking, prodding and generally fiddling with Twine, and having my brain expanded in interesting ways.

Find following: a short poem about reflecting on history, a photograph of UQ’s St Lucia campus at night, and a second short poem about the recursive nature of human behaviour.

Curious reading,

The strange surprise
To see humanity reflected back to us
A mirror that shows decades and centuries past
We have not changed so much

Night Light

Three generations of warning signs adorn the wall
Threefold the declarations of behavioural expectation
Becomes comedic more than cautionary