Week 27/2019 – making

This week has been full of making and trying to keep my health in check. On one hand the creative productivity has been lovely, on the other: health issues are stressful. Still, the way out is through and focusing on wins is the way to motivation.

Find following: a short poem about the murky nature of human histories; a photograph of a mirror world; and a surrealist poem about creation called Gestation.

Motivating reading,

Where does your history lead and lie
When does it begin and end
Who’s shadows are on the wall
Who’s blood is on the floor?

Clock Tower Mirror

Maker of monsters, birther of beasts.
Take a step through the hedge,
down the hole, into the hill;
Be ware and be awed,
By our limits, I have yawed.

Sparks ignited, kindled and stoked
In a soft-dark womb of mirror neurons
Coaxed into life, spun into splendour
My dear sweet children.

Batch brewed and carefully crafted
These creatures and creepers,
Bloodied and brutal, a bestial brace.
A human’s guise for the wary-unwise.