Week 29/2019 – fluxing

This week has been full of planning meetings – I’m co-leading a student comms team at uni which has been very interesting so far and promises to continue to be so. I’ve also finished off another set of digital illustration experiments, sort of a follow up to Zine Suites.

Find following: a three poetic fragments: one about ignorance; one about gatherings; and one about wordsmithing.

Fast reading,

Primed by ignorance
A sponge
Awaiting a consumable

Tables and chairs coupled oddly
The light glowing, splashed through sandstone archways
Quiet hours during the quiet times
Our small gathering barely breaks the hush

Could I slip this slim stick of graphite
under my skin and into pulsing veins
and dissolve it?

Then, if i cut myself open,
Would I bleed words?