Week 35/2019 – running

This week was a race, of last little things. I’ve put up three new projects – and in the process opened up a new section for visual art. Things are busy at the moment, and with the release, I’m just going to share a little about each project in place of my usual creative showcase.

Cheerful reading,

This project is a very personal one for me. While I’m open about my gender (non-binary, they/them pronouns!) I’m also quiet about it. It’s something private for me, but it’s also something to be explored and processed through art. So its a first to work with ink and brushes and paper, and also a first to explore my identity and perspectives publicly.

The Galleries
This isn’t really one project, but rather six instalments in a larger journey of me finding my feet in digital art. What started with Zine Suites and quite simple typography has grown out into various experiments in texture, colour and layering. Each set is small, but each is a distinct style (or so I hope!).

Inkblot Beasts
Chest was the first ink painting project I ever did, and having found the process surprisingly stress-free and truly enjoyable I embarked on a slightly more ambition project. Inkblot beasts spawned out of a kind of Roschach’s Blot/the shadows are what you make of them idea. It’s also a convergence of my existing journeying with digital art, and the new exploration into physical painting.