Week 36/2019 – organising

This week has been a week of starting to get things sorted out, after the stress of the last three. I finally got to the chance to go wandering for street photography – even tried my hand at photographing human subjects!

Find following: a simple haiku, one of the photos from my latest shoot, and a poem about the strange logic of humanity.

Restful reading,

Clouds gather in clumps.
Puffs of white-grey, caught gold edged
The rains yet to fall.

Curve Lines

Human warmth is fleeting.
The dualist dichotomy:
the expectation of companionship
and the reality of solitude

In memories we trust
despite their fragility –
their insidious betrayal

trying and failing

Only the effort to tell
tales of attempts

Wrists and thumbs
The weight of obsession
a slow-fast degradation