Week 42/2019 – running

This past week has been overwhelmingly busy. All of the regular things to be done and on top of that a 25 hour placement. Needless to say, by the end of it I was quite exhausted and I’ll be taking this week slowly. But I did still get some making in, my Poetics lecture turned Public Lecture and I got to hear Cherry Smyth perform some of her poetry book Famished (exploring the legacy of the Irish Famine – it’s incredibly visceral, I highly recommend it).

So this week, there’s a single thing to find following, a small excerpt from the poems I wrote in response to hearing Cherry’s performance.

Curious reading,

Full of Famished

The shock of a voice after stillness.
After the roar: wind-ocean-static
Bell tones erupt, layer harmonies

Is the wailing a human voice
Or a synthetic manipulation of

A hissing burble
babbles against an uncaring
English imperative, the faintest Gaelic
Lament echoes, assonant litany
Falls like stone on fallow ground.