Week 30/2019 – challenging

Classes started back up this week. It’s been interesting, and has inadvertently created a test of my ambition. We’ll see how the rest of semester goes. Find following: a poetic fragment; a piece from my current digital art experiments; and a reminder quoted from Drea Lam who I heard speak at the July Creative Mornings event in Brisbane. Fast reading, Alexei Read by the unfamiliar, The unaring, Familiar words become new, In their speaker’s Confusion “Create without editing, Edit without ego” ~ Drea Lam

Week 29/2019 – fluxing

This week has been full of planning meetings – I’m co-leading a student comms team at uni which has been very interesting so far and promises to continue to be so. I’ve also finished off another set of digital illustration experiments, sort of a follow up to Zine Suites. Find following: a three poetic fragments: one about ignorance; one about gatherings; and one about wordsmithing. Fast reading, Alexei IgnorancePrimed by ignorance A sponge Awaiting a consumable Material GatheringsTables and chairs coupled oddly The light glowing, splashed through sandstone archways Quiet hours during the quiet times Our small gathering barely breaks…

Week 28/2019 – developing

This week has been a busy one, routines shifting and settling in preparation for the new semester starting. I’ve been experimenting with physical zines – hello hand stitched book bindings – and discovered that layouts for a handwritten page are a totally different beast to digital ones. Nonetheless, it’s been a fun week. Find following: two serendipitous photos – both containing a rare (for me) human element; and an ekphrastic fragment responding to Carolee Schneemann Meat Joy; and  Thoughtful reading, Alexei Meat Joy a kind of enforced blockade a reduction to separated parts moving in concerted, choreographed Display.

Week 27/2019 – making

This week has been full of making and trying to keep my health in check. On one hand the creative productivity has been lovely, on the other: health issues are stressful. Still, the way out is through and focusing on wins is the way to motivation. Find following: a short poem about the murky nature of human histories; a photograph of a mirror world; and a surrealist poem about creation called Gestation. Motivating reading, Alexei Where does your history lead and lie When does it begin and end Who’s shadows are on the wall Who’s blood is on the floor?…

Week 26/2019 – tweaking

This week has been an interesting one. I’m settling into the slower rhythm of winter break. But at the same time I pushed to finish off a project for July’s release and went to see two very interesting talks – one on creative inspiration and wonder, and the other on street action and poetry in Japan in the 70’s. So I’ve spent the week poking, prodding and generally fiddling with Twine, and having my brain expanded in interesting ways. Find following: a short poem about reflecting on history, a photograph of UQ’s St Lucia campus at night, and a second…

Week 25/2019 – sorting

This week has been busy, in quite an involved way. I’ve sorted out my upcoming regular schedule, finalised the layouts for a photography collection (to be released for July), and watched Good Omens (it was delightful, I am delighted). Find following: an untitled poem remarking on the herding behaviour of the waiting, a chance photo from a library, and a question of perspective. Delightful reading, Alexei Everyone: Who knows each other And I: On the other side of the room, and onlooker to the tableau Three clusters, And their migratory participants Hugs and kisses exchanged (these friends have not been…

Week 24/2019 – completing

This week I did several things, which was rather refreshing after several weeks of slow and careful recovery. I’ve finished my semester one exams (with relative confidence). I also went to a curator tour of the BAD (Brisbane Art & Design Festival) Exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane which was amazing. And just like when I went to see EscherXnendo in February, the photographer in me was seduced by all the pretty shadows, so look forward to a photography collection soon. The exhibition is open until August, and there are tours run regularly, so if you’re in the area check…

Week 23/2019 – procrastinating

This week has been decidedly odd. On one hand I do appreciate the break between the end lectures and the start of exams, but on the other the break in momentum is a killer. Last week was a crazy end-of-month week; next week is exam week. This week was procrastination week. Find following: a black and white photograph; a sensory poem and a fragment about perspective. Clarifying reading, Alexei The lilting rattle Chug–chug-chug– Sibilants hiss The aspiration pops like it’s underwater That particular ringing that belies the warmth of the vocal cords Rendered electronically Particulate and frayed. Contradicting definitions of…

Week 22/2019 – consuming

This week has been busy, I spent four days working TDC Brisbane – which was amazing and all-encompassing – and of course there is the June release. Going out a few days delayed, for the health and clarity of my brain: Hide – the last Zine Suite; Geo Jeans – my third embroidery collection and Fronts & Facades – a collection of street photography. Find following: a short prose ode to libraries; a micropoem about freerange pineapples; and a poem about falling asleep. Peaceful reading, Alexei In that long-held suspension, within the pausing of time, that place was my solace….

Week 21/2019 – distracting

This issue comes a day late, last week was a grind and rather occupied my mind with organising things for this week. But better late than never, even if it’s an effort to believe. Find following: a futuristic little short about airborne neighbourhood politics; a little poem I wrote while killing time before a meeting and a poetic fragment. Quick reading, Alexei Skyjackings are not the best start to a morning. But really the run of bad luck had begun with the mayhem involving the mayor, the mayonnaise and Mx Frumkin from three streets northwest and up two hundred feet….