Ways to love.

A more nuanced understanding of what it means to love, and how love changes by subject and situation.

A collection of embroidered lettering that I worked on immediately after Archetypes. This project cemented my love of stitchwork.

"agape" embroidered in pale blue cursive, surrounded by white clouds.
agape. selfless love.
"Pragma" in green serif, embroidered above an opened book.
pragma. enduring love.
"Philia" embroidered in ornamented purple cursive, surrounded by pale purple curves.
philia. platonic love.
"Eros" embroidered in curlicued red cursive, with clustered red flowers.
eros. sexual love.
"Philautia" embroidered in pale blue print, surrounded by three concentric blue circles (palest on the outer, darkest toward the centre).
philautia. self love.
"Ludus" embroidered in green print, surrounded by small pale blue and yellow circles.
ludus. playful love.
"MANIA" embroidered in black with an orange lightning bolt.
mania. obsessive love.
"STORGE" embroidered in dark blue italics, with two hands.
storge. obligatory love.