existence in space

This was the first in a new set of digital art experiments I started after Zine Suites was completed. In a complete departure to the relatively simple ‘background with typography overlay’ this set is full of layered textures. 


places less people

This is my first attempt at something spatial, at designs that inherently have depth within them. Which is an interesting challenge, especially for using a quite simplistic ‘colour pencil’ style. 


our nexus, our —

I have a fondness for old-style anatomical/design drawings. I’ve drawn anatomical hearts in another project (Streams) but never in colour. This was actually the first project I attempted layering shadows in a block colour design to create depth. 


abstractions arranged

I find the density of tessellating and textural patterns quite interesting, but it’s not something I’d attempted before. In the end I’m quite please with how these have turned out, but I definitely underestimated how tricky it would be to translate the images in my head on to digital canvas. 


we wear our history on our skins

This is an interesting set for me, it’s a very simple design. I hope I managed to translate what I wanted to – it was a fight between the reality being to small to see from a great distance, and wanting have a design of ‘full-body’ figures. 


the mirror, the other side, the reflection, the inverse

I had fun playing with relative position in this. And creating a shifting colour palette over a tri-set. There’s a lot of interesting layering, both in the designs themselves and the wider concepts they represent.