"PIECES" is gradient black-grey-black lettering made up of small boxes that narrow into the centreline and widen on the way out.

"HOW MANY PUZZLE PIECES can we lose BEFORE THE SKY FALLS down around our ears" on a disintegrating puzzle.

"I wonder, Can I string these broken pieces TOGETHER? Can I create a new design, from a series of non-linear fragments?" in an ornamented cursive. A spool of thread at the top of the page, and shattered tile shards at the bottom.

"THOSE THINGS that you can't just move on from WITHOUT TAKING A LITTLE OF IT WITH YOU and leaving a little of yourself behind. ANOTHER ONE" in simple san serif lettering. In a winding path through a sea of pebbles.

"build it bricky by brick, RAISE THE SCAFFOLD, PIECE BY PIECE" On a scaffold between to brick walls with arrows point up (left side) and down (right side)