"REVEAL" in blocky capitals made of a diagonal striping of blue, green and grey separate by white, with thin red line criss-crossing against a black background.

"Why would I want to be branded with someone else's words? I have enough of my own, slithering beneath my skin." Written in red on an outline of human shoulders, the blades and the knobs of the spine.
"Slumped against the wall, puppet strings severed, my insides have been scooped out." written in red against a black brick wall with white mortar. A white figure slumps against the corner, a whole in their chest and red strings falling from their joints and the top of their head.
"Twitchy, tweaked out, on edge, on an undefined something. Stability got left behind, under a road sign, three state lines back. It's too early for this." Written in red over a scene of a road, green plains and blue clouded sky. There's a yellow rimmed road sign on the far right hand side.