"Sweetness" written in pale teal curliqued handwriting against a pale mottled white/teal background.

"unwilling to break this early morning hush, the light through the window, lulls, sleep-like, yet awake, a captivating softness" written in pale teal on a cream background above the outline of a window, the glass panes showing graded blue - pale to dark.
"I have a, perfectly respectable, perfectly understandable, weakness for cute things" handwritten in white on a mottled purple background.
"sun warmed cheeks, a soft breeze, sleepy eyes treading feet" handwritten in pale teal against a speckled dark grey background with black footsteps.
"tiredness wants, soft fluffy things, and cuddles" written in curly pale teal handwriting on a mottled teal-white background.

"Eyes blinking, lazy flap of, butterfly wings" in white over the left half of a butterfly made of mottled purple-blue wings and a brown body.
"being warm makes me sleepy, the feeling of being softly wrapped, by the airspace I occupy" written in white on a mottled orange background.
"spun off down twisting, shadows in firelight, butterfly wings skipping, across skin" printed in white against a dark grey-red background.
"a warm cocoon, softens aching bones, sleep calls sweetly" written in a curling white print, against a pale grey lined background.