The world turns, time marches on, and we expand past the limits of a single sphere.

Remote Host is sweeping space universe set in future, four thousand years after humanity left Earth. Human nature hasn’t changed, but the game and it’s players have. Through a series of short stories Remote Host tracks dualities: war and peace; soldier and civilian; human and technology; physical and digital.

A line of humanoid ‘cyborg’ soldiers, supposedly decommissioned at the end of the 40th Millennium War start waking up out of hibernation. At the same time, the Peace Vessel Project is starting to see returns on the idealistic dream proposed in the wake of the treaties that finalised the end of the war.

Remote Host as a universe is inhabited by a number of characters that are interconnected, whether by interaction ‘in person’, by common goal or common origin. So it’s both an exploration of *space* as a setting and a theme (can you tell I was inspired by Japan’s mecha giants) as well as weaving together stories and characters that don’t always overlap in immediately apparent ways.

Please be aware within this verse I reference the following, directly or indirectly: war and it’s consequences, qualifications for humanity, human/tech integration. Tread carefully, remember you can always click out and practice self-care.

 … more to come. “Pygmalion – Arc 1” is under construction.