"Between Three Worlds" inverted against a black and white striped background. Three trails in red - one dots, one dashes and one arrows.

Escher, nendo and I.

This is a collection of the best images I took of the Escher X nendo exhibition “Between Two Worlds” at NGV International in February. It captures the interplay of nendo’s spatial design, Escher’s art and ethos, and the interactions of both myself and other visitors with the exhibition.

I didn’t go into the exhibition intending to photograph it, in fact I hadn’t picked up a camera in over a year. But I was struck by the use of space, of angles and lighting, the play of light and shadow; the way nendo used a black and white environment as a platform on which to display Escher’s works. In the end, I took over 500 photographs on my iPhone that day; selected 25 to go on instagram, and the best 9 for this collection.

Rows of house frames, white on the inside - black on the outside, in large hall.
Row Houses
Open standing empty.
Light spills, people flow.

A pair stand together looking at a shared object, in front of a house frame (black outside, white inside).
Reconnection. A moment, fleeting, captured.

A person bends to look at a row of lit up designs in a pitched display bench, in front a ramp descending from a mezzanine.
At the Lineup
What wonders leer, up from lit plates;
what manner of creatures peer, in from the shadows.

A row of house frames, roofs opening up. In the distance under the arch formed by the open rooflines, is a silhouetted figure.
Shadow Beneath White Arches
A shadow in the distance,
wrapped in warping white walls, turns.

White stairs with black edges, light glowing from the handrail, against black walls.
Staircase Glow
Our shadow falls, on a staircase
that leads nowhere.

A line of archways, black on the outside/white on the inside, the tops opening up going back. A silhouetted figure in the distance.
Shadow Beneath Black Arches
Pale arms raised,
the dark shadows blanketing,
and a shape in the distance.

A lady in a red skirt stands in front of a spotlight splashed wall; behind her is a bench with house shapes pushed out of it.
Lady in Red
As we pass by and stand,
minute shifts pull distortions
that rip through the weave of common perception.

Depth in the Dark
Layers unseen and half seen,
the heels of the wary are slow,
the unwary do not know to step with care.

A layered white roof, against a white background, with the reflection of a hand holding a phone in the bottom third.
Shadows Over the White House
Peering, we see and are seen.
What lies beneath, lies above.