A collection of poetry, meditating on that which lurks beneath the (at times) gossamer thin veneer of civility and rationality.

Howling in Dark Corners is a collection of semi-surrealist, visceral poetry that pokes holes in the rational, the normal and the sane.

Containing some of my very earliest poetic works, Howling in Dark Corners was the first time I started to pull together my poetry into a cohesive collection. Thematically, this collection is a sort of homage to the layered reality of living with mental illness. Below the overall tone of sinister secrets, these poems collect what it feels like to be different. To recognise that in relation to oneself and the wider world; and the conflict and the tension that results from feeling unseen and unheard.

Please be aware that within this collection I reference the following, both directly and indirectly: depression, anxiety, trauma, suicide, violence, human versus animal, control versus autonomy. This isn’t a collection of pretty words. Tread carefully, remember you can always click out and practice self-care.

Download Howling in Dark Corners.