Alexei Vimpani is a poet, a photographer, and a maker of many things. They are currently living and studying in Brisbane, Australia while they create incessantly. They are the author of the Howling in Dark Corners and M.E.T.A poetry collections; and the illustrated series of micropoetry Zine Suites.

There are a lot of reasons why I write, and make things more generally. It’s part of my mental health management, it’s a way to understand and process the world around me, it’s a way to share stories I haven’t seen before, it’s a way to give back to the community at large what I’ve received myself from other creators.

I believe in a world where everyone has the security and the skills to be open and honest with themselves and with others. Diversity is natural. Right now, in the current social and political climate the world over, learning to respect the credibility and competence of things/people you don’t understand is truly important.

The world is awesome and there’s so much we can learn from other people’s perspectives. By writing my own story, and the stories that I can see, I want to contribute to humanity’s knowledge as a whole, to our collective understanding of ‘how to be human’ in all the different shapes and styles that takes.

Creating is fundamental to my existence, it’s the way I process the world, and thus a big part of my life. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve found here, and you’d like to help me continue making things consider supporting me monetarily or reputationally.

You can do so by:
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All of my work is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 International Share-Alike, Non-Commercial, Attribution license. If you’re interested is using my work in another project or on another platform, hit me up, let’s chat.

A noir style black and white portrait of Alexei Vimpani.
Photo taken by Lynette White
@lynettewhitephotography on Instagram